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      Our company was founded in 2003, covering an area of more than 42000 square meters. It is a professional comprehensive bathroom enterprise that produces outdoor SPA pool, swimming pool, massage cylinder, backboard, PS Cabinet, steps, filter element, wooden pavilion and other supporting products; The market share of products in Australia and New Zealand is the first, and the market share in Northern Europe is increasing year by year, with an annual turnover growth rate of 15%;It has dozens of professional product development, design engineers and senior production technicians, and its products have many patents such as structure and appearance.
Become a respected enterprise
Let more people enjoy quality life
Many enterprises can win the market, but they may not be able to win respect. Although profit, like air and water, is the key to our survival, the contribution to the industry and society is our pursuit and value. We come from all over the world, have different cultural backgrounds, and are full of vitality. We agree with the idea of no compromise, respect differences, and work together to make products across regions, cultures and beliefs for global users, and gain love and recognition.
We are always committed to creating a lifestyle with rich texture. We create amazing products, provide intimate services, and continuously improve the happiness of users using products, so that users can enjoy a better SPA life. We hope to establish an open, equal and transparent platform to gather the strength of the group, so that more people who are keen on SPA life, have good taste and enjoy sharing can participate in meaningful things.
Focus on quality
Continuous innovation
Advocate environmental protection
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Since its inception, consistent investment, research and development without distraction, with quality as the belief
From product development, production to user experience, Asia-Pacific is committed to continuously improving the quality of life of consumers through products and services with excellent technology and core technology patents and world-leading production standards.
To lead the industry and promote the benefit of society as its own responsibility, starting from the details, saving resources and protecting the environment.
R & D strength
Production strength
Supporting services
A-tech drives innovation and development, attaches importance to the research and development of new products or new processes, has won various national achievement awards, dozens of patents of independent intellectual property rights, and has been recognized as a state-level "high-tech enterprise" and "Foshan specialized new enterprise".
The product production workshop is equipped with large-scale semi-automatic forming machine, automatic edge cutting machine, high-efficiency reinforced spray gun, water curtain dust removal device and other equipment. Each workshop has formulated a standard operation process, and each production process is strictly implemented, so that each product produced meets the inspection standards.
Support sample design customization, independent R & D center: mold workshop, electronic instrument testing, laboratory, product design center R & D team; the company is equipped with professional and strict quality inspectors, strictly control each production process, to ensure product quality and delivery date escort.
Production equipment
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In addition to the basic equipment for mass production, A-Tech has also introduced advanced production equipment such as robotic arm, automatic leather cutting machine, PS extruder, intelligent automatic three-dimensional warehouse, which greatly improves the performance and quality of products. In addition to hardware equipment, digital ERP management software, Solidwork, 2D product design software (CAD)It brings convenience to the production and management of enterprises, and truly realizes standardized and scientific production and manufacturing. It greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers and reduces the manufacturing cost of products, which fully reflects the new face of modern OEM manufacturers.
Robotic arm
PS Extruder
Automatic cloth cutting machine
Intelligent automatic stereo library
From the focus and professionalism of the product
Our products have been patented and certified by many parties, so that you can use them safely and safely.
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Patent Book of utility model
North American Safety Certification
Motor mounting structure for hydrotherapy pool、Bathtub jets、Door installed in hydrotherapy pool、Supporting frame structure for bathtub、In-hydrotherapy pool sterilize device、Safety lock catch for SPA cover of hydrotherapy pool、Circulate filter in hydrotherapy pool
European Union Product Safety Certification Mark
German Component Product Safety Certification Mark
Canadian safety certification
European Union Environmental Certification
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