Quality control
From incoming inspection of raw materials, incoming inspection of packaging materials, On-line inspection and finished product inspection, check at all levels.
We have a variety of testing instruments for packaging materials and finished products, as well as a variety of laboratory testing equipment to meet the testing requirements of different customers and products.
Multi-faceted to ensure that every product from our company is qualified products.
Product quality, excellence; Service intentions, respect and sincerity; Establish a sound quality assurance system. Ensure the quality of all products.
Filter element production capacity
The annual output of filter elements reaches 130000 pieces.
One automatic paper folding production line One automatic glue filling production line One automatic film covering packaging production line
Filter element production equipment
Scientific and technological efficiency optimization
professional production automation
Automated production
The accuracy is high
High efficiency
Non-woven fabric dust filter element
Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless
Not easy to deform and strong in tensile force
Smooth surface and good air permeability
Quick cut
Leather cov automatic cloth cutting machine
Intelligent anti-collision
Higher accuracy
PS Extruder
The yield is high
Good quality
The fineness is uniform
Intelligent automatic stereo library
Saves floor space and improves space utilization
Automatic access and high processing speed
Computer control and reasonable reduction of inventory
Turn over the water pouring machine
Safer and more reliable, easy to operate
Better cleaning of water in pipes
Improve efficiency
Both internal and external repair of good product
The product frame is made of plastic material, which can meet the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection while meeting the higher load-bearing coefficient, and the installation is convenient and fast.
Low carbon and environmental protection
The bearing capacity is strong
Long life
Sweeping away tens of millions of bacteria the net world is very different
Has the effect of double disinfection, the ozone disinfection is firstly carried out and then the ultraviolet disinfection is carried out, The sterilization and disinfection are more thorough, the sterilization range is wide, and the effect is more guaranteed.
Double sterilization
The sterilization range is wide
The effect is more guaranteed
1.Vacuum forming
On the professional model, the imported Alec material is covered on it, and the vacuum treatment becomes a perfect and flat product model
3.Automatic edge cutting
The edges are trimmed flatly by an automatic trimming machine.
5.Piping equipment
Installation of high quality flexible PVC pipes in professional piping equipment workshop
6.Frames and accessories equipment
The solid frame firmly supports the cylinder block and the assembly of imported accessories, resulting in a perfect SPA product
2.Reinforcement treatment
The bottom of the acrylic cylinder body is strengthened and reinforced, which has the functions of super waterproof, air isolation and anti-corrosion
4.The Jet is fixed
The precise position is processed by turning the hole, so that each massage Jet and each hole position are exactly the same, tightly fixed and watertight
7.Product testing
All products are strictly tested by soaking in 40 ℃ warm water for 6-8 hours. If there is any leakage, it will be found and repaired in this test stage
8.Product packaging
After the water test, it will be drained and air-dried, and finally it will be polished and packaged
Keep improving and create quality
A world-class quality standard control and management system ensures that every product exhibits excellent quality both internally and externally, making it an excellent product that every customer is satisfied with
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